Revolution buried in art. Creativity is our weapon to rebel against the fashion covering tons of errors and reform it.

We play our way to achieve the best concept-based presentations

as well as incomparable group moments.



We believe great work often depends on the initial act of choosing the right partners and the right path.

We are a team of boundary-crossers who ponder from centers to edges, respect yet suspect

everything in the world. We closely connect with individual talents by providing them

a comfortable creative sphere to sound and echo, establishing a working culture

of humor and humility.



Aestheticism lies within our beliefs for design, life, love and freedom,while style,

perfection and quality have always been our lifelong pursuit. We delicate in

various forms of creative projects, including art direction, branding

consultancy, creative communication, community projects, literature

or art & design products, and always keep reaching for

new forms of expression.